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The South East region of Queensland has a wide range of fishing opportunities and experiences on offer. With so many choices available a local author Bill Johnston dedicated his time to writing a series of comprehensive guides to the South East corner.

The first successful installment of the series is a book covering the Sunshine Coast from the Noosa north shore down to the Pumicestone Passage. It covers all the local reefs (including gps marks), estuary guide (with aerial maps), freshwater options in the hinterland and a local boat ramp guide.

The second release was that covering Brisbane and Moreton Bay. This is now SOLD OUT. The focus of this book was on the accessible fishing grounds from Wellington Point south of Brisbane toward Donnybrook in the Pumicestone Passage north of Brisbane.

The most recent release is for the Gold Coast, covering Southern Moreton Bay to Point Danger.

  • Complete offshore reef maps with 220 GPS marks provided
  • Detailed information on targeting the offshore and bay reefs for success with snapper, sweetlip, pearl perch, cobia and more
  • Tips and secrets on chasing mackerel (covers all the main species)
  • Light and heavy game fishing techniques and tactics (GPS marks provided)
  • Over 30 estuary and reef maps 
  • Comprehensive beach and estuary species guide
  • A full set of green zone maps (only book in QLD!)
  • A complete guide to fishing the Hinze Dam 
  • A range of feature articles – fishing the beacons, reef and estuary plastics fishing and chasing roving pelagics such as tuna, macks and dolphin fish
  • Crabbing guide for muddies, sandies and spanners
  • All the latest fishing regulations, marine safety requirements, best websites for weather and much more.

A huge amount of time and research has been put into the development of these fishing books, with the aim of providing the most comprehensive boating and fishing guide to South East Queensland.

You won’t be disappointed!


Edition 1 - now $25 including postage!
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