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Bill Johnston first and foremost is an angler. He has been bought up from the youngest age with a love of sun, surf and fishing. Bill grew up in Brisbane, but saw most of his weekends and holidays at his Grandfathers beach house in Kawana, who was an influence on Bill as a fisherman.Bill and brother as boys

The motivation to write the River to Reef series comes from the same reasons he was bought up with, the love of fishing and seeing others enjoy the experience also.

As Ken Brown of Coastwatch writes in the forward of the latest Moreton Bay & Brisbane edition,

He is one of those rare anglers who has learnt a lot, but doesn’t act like he’s something special because of it and gladly shares his knowledge with anyone who bothers to ask … it’s blokes like him who keep the information flowing … rather than be on a pedestal crowing, who will help new anglers and kids get started.”

Bill’s experience is first-hand. He grew fishing the very waters he now freely shares about in his books. Combined with contributions from members of his extensive network, ensures each River to Reef edition is a true local guide by local knowledge and a “fair dinkum good guide to start fishing in these areas”.

Bill is now based on the Sunshine Coast with his wife Joscelyn and their children Fraser and Isabella.

And, as always, he gets out fishing every chance he gets.


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