Gold Coast Fishing – An Introduction

Ben Collins
Editor Bush ‘n Beach Fishing magazine

While best known for its mix of magnificent coastal beaches and tourist attractions, there is much more to the Gold Coast than first meets the eye. This is especially so on the fishing front, where the Gold Coast provides a huge variety of angling options to satisfy the keenest of anglers and boaties.

With an expanse of offshore reefs extending from close in to past the 50 fathom line and running in a north-south direction, the Gold Coast offers offshore fishos a plethora of spots to wet a line. Access to the reefs can be easily achieved by crossing a local bar or the Seaway. The seasons generally dictate what fish are around, with summer signalling the start of pelagic action.

During the warmer months, anything from spotty mackerel to black marlin can be landed. Alternatively, winter is prime time to target the legendary snapper and pearl perch. Floating baits fished over isolated patches of reef are the key to landing a prized fish. While the offshore scene is very popular, the Gold Coast also has a vast number of protected waterways, ensuring plenty of options for smaller boats.

With its maze of rivers and canals, the area has an abundance of structure holding plenty of bread and butter species for the keen fisho. The Broadwater region and its massive canal system also provide a unique playground where anglers can get out and explore this magnificent waterway.

Much like offshore, the seasons determine the peak times for species, with whiting and the infamous mangrove jack the pick for summer outings. Bream are the main target in winter months, while spring signals the start of some serious flathead action. However, most species can be caught all year round which gives anglers plenty of choice.

Travel further inland and you will find a mix of freshwater options, with the upper reaches of local creeks and dams giving many their freshwater fix. Species such as bass are the predominant catch, but the prehistoric looking saratoga is also a targeted species. 


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